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Why do I need SEO for my website?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is increasing in demand in Australia, as more business owners find online marketing methods to be more cost effective than other advertising means. Business websites who have SEO friendly website generally rank much better in organic search results.

This is the unpaid section of Google search which is why it is so favorable for business owners, its technically “Free” traffic once you hold a firm ranking. In saying that, staying high in search results does require great content, services and maintenance.

So how does SEO help a website?

To better understand why SEO is critical for the success of your business, particularly if you intend on focusing on internet sales, let’s have a look at a real life example.

Suppose you were in a Shopping center and you needed to find a shoe store. You walk up to the electronic directory and select the category shoes.

Now suppose that the shop keepers did not tell the electronic directory what their store was selling, and that the clever electronic directory had to work it out on its own based on what was purchased from the store’s checkout machines and the name of the store.

This electronic directory is now much like a Search Engine.

The electronic directory now searches for shoe stores. It comes across one particular store and tries to understand what it is selling, though its checkout machines are sending unstructured and hard to read information. It then looks at the store name, but it sees unreadable characters because the stores name is in a different language other than any it is programmed for.

The electronic directory is now totally confused and can’t work out what that store is selling or what it is called. It’s like a person talking German to a Chinese person, it just won’t work!
So the electronic directory decides to ignore this shop all together or lower its priority, because of its uncertainty of it being useful to the person using the directory.

So it is absolutely critical that your business website has some level of optimisation for Search Engines to read and understand your website at the very least. Business owners spend thousands of dollars to appear in newspapers, radio, banners and television, which are great, but very temporary. Search engine optimisation may still end up costing thousands to rank high but is in our opinion a better investment because it exposes your brand for a much longer period specifically to people who are searching for your product or service. This makes it a very powerful and high converting marketing medium in comparison to many other offline techniques.

The assumption here is that your website does indeed increase in rank after optimisation. SEO companies can not and should strictly not guarantee you a ranking, there is no way of knowing how well an SEO tactic will rank, not even Google employees could predict this due to the complexity of the multiple algorithms working together. Any money back scheme is typically a scam, please do a Google search on “SEO ACCC” scam for more information on this conduct.

In conclusion, yes SEO is essential for an online business to work to success, it’s a great investment even when it is not effective when compared to offline advertising mediums due to it’s potential to provide a high return on investment. Our advice is to compare plans, pricing, contracts, inclusions and make sure you are getting best services, professional work and great value.

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