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Small Business Marketing

Is Online or Offline marketing more effective?

Businesses are confronted with various marketing options, all with various degrees of effectiveness based on their industry, budget and experience. Website SEO marketing and advertising can be easily seen as one of the best investments for your business, based on return on investment.

Businesses might include offline marketing options such as; printed media, an advertisement on the radio, TV or local newspaper and the list goes on. These methods provide excellent exposure, but a large portion of these people will still visit a business website before proceeding with the product or service. It could be for reassurance, reliability, reviews or even something simple like operating hours and contact information.

At the end of the day, you will also probably include your website in every other form of advertising, so why not invest in the very core of your structure, the website itself?

If a client easily finds your business on a Search Engine, not only would you receive more clients that have not seen your offline advertisements, but it would increase your credibility which probably, will consequently increase your net sales.

Website Search Engine Optimisation (Non Paid Search)

At SEO FIX, whether you are a sole trader or a large business, our focus is to bring your website above your competition and at the top of Search Results of popular Search Engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing.  We have a range of SEO packages each tailored to suit your budget and goals.

We work hard to bring you relevant traffic for quality keywords, so your website receives publicity for the long term, rather than just a temporary boost in ranking. We pride ourselves in quality of work and precision using top down analysis to comprehensively optimise your website at an affordable price.

Website Advertising   (Paid Search)

Website marketing is not just about optimising your website for Search Engines, but about increasing it’s social activity and initiating online advertising campaigns such as pay per click schemes. These all work together to strengthen brand recognition, social awareness, potential sales and rank.

Advertising campaigns through Google and Facebook can be targeted to a specific audience, and can therefore be very effective with trial audiences. This gives you an opportunity to identify who your potential clients are as well as have total control over your campaign cost, since you can monitor and limit your daily spend.

SEO FIX has an AdWords Advertising Service to advertise your business on Google text and display networks. This includes advertising your business on the right-hand sidebar on the Google homepage as well as all other websites who display Google ads. You can control the time, budget, area (country, city or suburb) and keywords you would like to target in your campaign.

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