Google Ads Package

$365.00 / month


  • Focused on triggering users to send you an inquiry via Call or Email
  • Maximum Clicks for Less
  • Quality Lead Targeting
  • Strategic Keyword Targeting
  • Campaign Performance Reporting
  • Any Budget




We advertise for you on Google Ads and create effective marketing campaigns that are highly targeted and optimised for better sales conversion.

Ads is a great way to advertise online because it attracts customers who are looking for your product or service at the time of search. This is very different to advertising on social media where the user is not necessarily thinking of your product where your ad is typically displayed as an impression. Due to Ads being highly targeted, it has the potential to outperform and has been proven to outperform every other online paid marketing service to this date.

Consequently, due to the growing number of businesses wanting to advertise on Ads, the price of clicks has steadily gone up over the years. This generally means you need a larger budget to satisfy the same amount of clicks you once did in comparison to the previous. By choosing a certified and experienced Ads campaign manager that uses various techniques to improve conversion while minimising cost per click will somewhat offset this rising cost, hence be able to have a longer lasting budget or simply more clicks.

You are in total control of your spend limit, so you can sample a budget to see how this will work for you. This is suitable for professionals, sole traders and small to large businesses.

More with our Ads

We focus on delivering best practices to minimise cost per click ensuring that your campaign delivers its true potential.

We work on removing and adjusting irrelevant clicks by adjusting variables in the campaign to restrict a higher converting audience

We change ads constantly to improve their rank and performance so clicks are even cheaper

We regularly priorities and adjust the campaign on higher converting keywords to maximise your return on investment

If taken with SEO, we make improvements to your website and landing page to increase Ads effectiveness.

Rank report (weekly, fortnightly or monthly)

Unlimited changes & Keywords

The Google Ads campaign consists both Search and Display advertising. You are able to specify your add to appear in either the typical Google search results (On the right hand sidebar) and/or in websites all over the internet. Display advertising is advertising on websites other than Google search, usually in the form of text or an image. Search advertising is the more traditional method of advertising on the Google homepage when a user performs a standard search. Ads usually appear on the top, right hand side and bottom of organic search results, which are paid ads from Ads.