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SEO Specialist Australia

Looking for a SEO Specialist or SEO Consultant that’s 100% Australian?

At SEO FIX, we offer effective and affordable search engine optimisation services to Australian businesses. We’re experts at targeting optimal keywords at increasing your website traffic and customer relevance to bring on higher sales conversions.

We try to initially understand your business and your goals before we implement any SEO strategy to ensure we are taking the most effective route. We really do offer premium SEO servicesat competitive prices.

W’re offering SEO Specialist Services from only $720 per month with no minimum term or lock in.

Why is it better keeping SEO local?

Offshore businesses won’t be there the moment your business gets removed from Google due to illegitimate ranking techniques designed to fool search engines. Offshore SEO companies are thousands of miles away and won’t need to deal with any consequences that don’t turn your way.

This is not to say that genuine offshore SEO agencies don’t exist, but its much like playing your business all on red in a roulette game. You either get cheap SEO that works, or you loose or hurt your business ranking and reputation. Offshore SEO agencies also tend to have very poorly written content and use of grammar that will harm the credibility of your website as well as its ranking.

Offshore SEO agencies also have a cultural and language barrier which will mean they might find it hard contemplating why and how your targeting the keywords your targeting. Australian SEO companies will typically apply strategy as well as making suggestions for more effective keywords that you should be targeting.

You can Trust us with your business

You might think your saving a few hundred dollars at the risk of your entire business!

What we offer in a nutshell:

1. Genuine & Effective SEO – We work on your website like its our own. We will do everything to perfected and optimise your website to perform on Google.

2. Revenue Increase– We focus on ranking you for terms that will bring you revenue, not just traffic

3. SEO and/or Advertising – We can work on your website SEO and run an advertising campaign on Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Facebook and LinkedIn

4. Guarantee – What we guarantee here is quality and professional work. Be weary of companies offering rank guarantees that can get your business entirely removed from Google

5. SEO Specialists – We use the most advanced SEO techniques to bring you up amongst your competition, how do you think you found this page?


Speak to our experts for a 100% Free analysis for the purpose of seeing if there is opportunity for us to improve your business website.

If we do not see that we can make a substantial difference to your ranking on Google, then we simply won’t take the job!


There are no contracts and our SEO Essentials services can be taken as a one off website optimisation which will only fix your website fundamentals. If you are based in Sydney, we can make a visit to see if we can help your business.

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