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SEO Melbourne

Looking for affordable SEO packages and services in Melbourne?

We’re an SEO company that offers 3 SEO Packages for businesses wanting to bring in more clients from Google and other search engines. We use the latest SEO techniques to move your business to the top of Google for various keywords to bring you more business. SEO is arguably the most cost effective marketing strategy to date when compared to spending thousands of dollars per month for advertising on other media like: billboards, newspapers, radio, TV, magazines and other banners. A billboard in the Melbourne CBD can cost anywhere between $30000to $100,000 per month

Our Melbourne SEO Packages

Just imagine what business you can get from that if you spent a fraction on SEO and a Google AdWords campaign!

We aim to achieve the following for your business;

  1. Website Traffic in your niche
  2. Increase client conversion
  3. Increase client Inquiries
  4. Increase client Sales
  5. Increase return on investment
  6. Lower cost per acquisition

We use advanced tactics to build a stronghold for your business in a particular niche on Google. This not only brings in more relevant customers, but increases return on investment by lowering cost per acquisition. The reason is organic traffic is an investment for the long term to bring in unpaid traffic, while AdWords is more of a short term paid marketing method which we also offer.

We service sole traders, professionals and small to large businesses Australia wide.

Our SEO Melbourne Essentials package is $720 per month and is suited for smaller size businessesWe do however have other packages for larger businesses targeting over 8 keywords.

Whether you’re a dentist, doctor, law firm, accommodation, strata, cleaning businesses or real estate company, our SEO services have catered for many needs in many different industries.

All our affordable SEO Melbourne services are genuine, professional and transparent. What we mean by that is at any time of the month, you can ask us what we’re working on with your website and at what stage where at.

Things to look out for when choosing an SEO Melbourne Company

As with most industries, there some companies who do not disclose or provide truthful information to the customer. Since SEO is still a fairly new trend in Australia, we highly recommend you search for terms like “SEO scam whirlpool” or “SEO scam ripoff report Australia” and read reviews about SEO firms and their conduct on a popular forums to find out other peoples experiences.

One other thing to be mindful of is a company offering an SEO Guarantee, where an SEO consultant makes a 100% promise that if you don’t rank after 3 hard long working months of SEO, then you get your money back. The problem here is Google themselves and the Australian ACCC has warned against using services from companies offering SEO guarantees, simply because Google themselves can’t guarantee a website ranking.

While a company can mention that there is a 100% likelihood of ranking your business on the 1st page of Google based on their track record and historical performance of ranking every single customer they’ve ever had on page 1, this is absolutely fine. Though if they are bluntly promising that they are guaranteeing that they will rank you to the top of Google in x amount of months, run as fast as you can or be prepared to lodge another complaint to the ACCC.

SEO in 5 steps, we don’t waste time 

The sooner we get started, the sooner you rank, so this is how it works in a nutshell:

    1. You tell us your industry and keywords
    2. We provide a full list of keywords that best suit your business
    3. You highlight a range of keywords from the list to rank for
    4. You send us back the list
    5. We start working on your website within 24 hours

Read more about our Melbourne Cheap SEO services on our homepage.

Click to ask for more and start ranking your Melbourne business now

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