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SEO Guarantee

Why companies offering the SEO Guarantee is the perfect scam

The most typical SEO scam going around is that you get your money back if the SEO agency doesn’t rank your keywords on the 1st page of Google in 90 days or less.

Too good to be true? Yes, and here is why

They will be ranking you for keywords that no one or very little people will be searching, and these keywords are easier to rank because of this lesser competition.

For Example: Suppose you sell furniture on your online store in Sydney.

The SEO consultant will usually push you into ranking for a keyword like “Dotted Red leather lounge“. Now how many people do you think will be searching that? No one!

You might disagree with them and tell them you don’t think that will bring much traffic, but they’l promise you ALOT of traffic from this keyword and rush you in signing a contract.

So from the get go, they already know that they will most probably rank you on the 1st page of Google the moment you sign up as another gullible customer.

After ranking you for the keywords within the promised time frame, some SEO companies have a clause to lock you in a 12 month contract thereafter, based on the fact that they have successfully ranked you for the selected keywords like “dotted red leather lounges”. Supposing the monthly SEO is $800, the business owner is left out of pocket for an amount of $9,600 (12 months * $800) along with a useless set of keywords that has no benefit to their business.

The ACCC issued out a warning to customers in the Sunday Herald about SEO companies offering Guarantees in 2014, so don’t get caught up in the scandal. We all want risk-less assurance, small business owners especially where money matters, which is why we think the SEO Guarantee is the perfect scam. Business owners are gullible on taking so called risk-less SEO services not realising that this is actually a pre-coordinated business deal to take full advantage of their lack of knowledge.

SEO Companies offering the SEO Guarantee depict a hit and run strategy model, where after the customer is exploited and never likely to return, the company moves onto the next customer.

Guaranteed Conclusion

SEO agencies do not have any control over Google’s ranking system. To overcome this uncertainty and be able to honor these SEO Guarantees they rank you for very low traffic keywords (that you may have or not have chosen) and therefore they do have a much higher chance at taking your money. What they do not tell you, is that the SEO work completed may not bring any more traffic to your website whatsoever.

SEO Guarantees of this kind are deceitful conduct and typically results on a negative return on investment.

We do not advocate this unethical behavior whatsoever being an SEO agency ourselves. Please read reviews of companies providing SEO Guarantees to avoid getting scammed.


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