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We say we offer the best valued SEO Services in Australia along with excellent results. You can trust that our SEO Consultant Sydney will offer genuine and trustworthy advice into ranking your website for the keywords you want to rank for. We're all about finding the best keywords to increase traffic, leads and sales.


We increase your website rank to gain new clients as well as increase return on investment.

The SEO process in 5 simple steps

You provide us with your target industry and what you’re selling


We recommend the best keywords to increase sales and leads


You choose a package and we send you details of information we need to get started


As soon as you provide credentials, we start working on your website immediately


We work on your website and provide interim reports as to how your ranking is progressing


SEO Australia

100% Australian SEO Services

What's your website? We'll tell you what we can do...

Looking for the best SEO Consultant?

Below we have an example of the type of reports that we use to find what people are searching for in your industry. In the image below, you can see that 70 people every month search for the exact term renovation Sydney.


For example: Suppose you’re a business that provides home renovations and other building services.

We would run a keyword report to show us what people are searching for in the industry and what would be optimal keywords to target. The keywords we choose to target are critical, as targeting the wrong keywords may be ineffective and costly.


Many SEO Services in Sydney bring you SEO experts that don’t deal with your business on a personal level, at SEO FIX you will receive complete exclusivity. This means we will focus all our efforts on your business and treat it as if it were our own.

We will work with you, make suggestions and try and find the most effective ways to implement your strategy. This strategy might include optimisation or advertising techniques to maximise return on investment and meet business objectives.


Take a look at our SEO package inclusions below to get an idea of price and the number of keywords we target in respect.


We offer 3 main SEO specialist packages for small to medium sized businesses. Our work is professional, precise, effective and competitive.

Values an SEO consultant should have

  • Authenticity – We apply precision, analysis, research and advanced techniques to outperform other SEO companies.
  • Revenue Focused– We focus on ranking you for terms that will bring you revenue and higher conversions ratios, rather than just irrelevant traffic
  • SEO / Advertising – We offer both SEO and advertising campaigns on Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Our Promise – Our form of guarantee is quality, professional SEO and best value for money.
  • Our Freelance SEO Consultants – We keep you up to date, keep our work completely transparent and work together to ensure we have the same goal in mind for your business.

SEO consultants in Sydney offering guarantees

To avoid disappointment, we suggest you avoid companies who offer 100% money back guarantees or promises on ranking. This was also suggested by the ACCC in 2014, where many customers where made false promises and ended up being scammed. Just ask yourself, would you expect a company to put in endless hours of work into your website for 3 months for free in case you don’t rank, the only way they could really afford to do this is by misleading the customer in one way or another. Make sure you research the company and even ask for 3rd party testimonials before entering any contracts.


Read more on SEO guarantees here to learn more about current SEO practices.


Ask an "SEO consultant Sydney" for a free website analysis to see how we can help improve your business website for an increased return on investment.

Choosing an SEO specialist Sydney

To know that your choosing the right SEO specialist, there’s a few things to look out that we’ve put together to make your life easier when choosing a service. When speaking with a specialist, consultant or so called “SEO expert”, they need to be asking you the right questions to find out about your business and operations. This gives you a better indication, that they are obtaining specific industry information that is more specific for your business, rather than using a generic SEO process.


Basic questions could include;

  • What does your product or service range include?
  • What are your main or most profitable products?
  • What’s your priority target location?


If you find that a freelance SEO consultant is making promises and guarantees without carefully looking at your website and industry, this would probably mean that you will be provided with low quality services meaning a greater probability of a costly and ineffective service.


Our services are not tied with contracts and our can be taken as a one off website optimisation which is likely to correct only fundamental issues. If you are based in Sydney, our specialists can make a visit to see if we can help your business. We believe in keeping things as simple as possible for business owners, so we aim to initially request everything we need, then do the hard yards over the term and come back with results. Our SEO experts can be provide services businesses all over Australia through correspondence without the necessity of a physical consultation


Call 0402 295 464 and speak to an SEO consultant Sydney to help your business increase clients and sales revenue.

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