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Internet Marketing Company Australia

SEO FIX is an affordable internet marketing company based in Sydney that increases your ranking and visibility on search engines like Google, as well as offering paid advertising campaigns to maximise your business exposure. Let’s have a better look at both paid and non-paid rankings below.

At present, marketing online includes both organic and paid means of gaining online exposure on search engines and social networks. In particular, ranking higher or advertising on Google can dramatically affect your business growth. It is imperative that businesses consider all options for online marketing, simply because this is where we turn for information and services day in day out. We really believe in getting your brand and website out there.

Internet Search Engine Optimisation (Non-Paid Organic Search)

At SEO FIX, we bring your website above and beyond your competition of search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing.  This is to increase your business website in the normal organic search results, rather than the paid ad areas.

Our packages for SEO start from only $720 / Month (No lock in contracts)

This involves manipulating, adding and tweaking hundreds of variables on your website to ensure it is best optimised for a better ranking.

We work with you on choosing your keywords, ranking for your keywords and guiding you to increase your sales conversion and return on investment online.

Internet Advertising (Paid Ads)

Paid ad Internet marketing involves increasing search engine and social activity generally with PPC (pay per click) schemes.

Advertising campaigns on Google, Yahoo! and Bing usually display your related product or service to people searching it at the time. There is also social paid advertising campaigns for facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter that work on increasing brand recognition and sales conversion.

SEO FIX has a Google AdWords Advertising Service to advertise your business on Google text and display networks. We do also offer other advertising campaigns for more coverage depending on your budget.

Internet marketing is important 

In this section, we’ll be stating the obvious for one particular reason, because some business owners still don’t acknowledge just how critical it is to expose your brand.

Having Australia’s most expensive website that’s up to date, dynamic, responsive and interactive is a wonderful thing and could be an excellent solution for your clients, but what about the marketing. There really isn’t any point of having a state of the art website, if you’re not willing to put in as much effort telling everyone about it.

For example

Fred wants to sell he’s $60,000 car for only $1000! Wow, too good to be true but let’s just say it’s really selling for that much. Fred has cleaned he’s car, polished he’s car and the car is now in absolute showroom condition. Fred has a HUGE banner on the car with all the details, but isn’t getting any inquiries, not even 1! Fred is confused and frustrated that he can’t sell he’s amazing car for a ridiculously cheap price.

Problem: Fred’s car was sitting in the garage.

Now although this seems like a very obvious example, many websites are still lagging behind with their marketing model. The fact that almost 50% of small business owners still do not have a website, is alarming.

Talk to us about your website and maximise your business potential.

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