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Advertising Techniques

Looking for ways to Advertise your business?

There are lots of ways to advertise your business, along with the different costs, effectiveness and purpose. The two methods that I’ll be talking about in this article is online and offline

marketing. Online marketing includes advertising on Google AdWords, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter and most websites across the internet.

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Some businesses can thrive through an offline direct marketing approach with flyer distribution such as a garden mowing service. However, you will find that for most industries, it is imperative that you take your advertising online. It is more efficient, generally costs less for the same reach and can be highly targeted.


If your print material such as flyers, a street banner or billboards that end up being ineffective, you need to redesign, develop and implement an entire new campaign. If you were to find that online advertising wasn’t working, an alteration of the campaign is only a few clicks away. So this creates a better test environment, particularly for new starters that want to try out several different adverts to different audiences.


The other advantage of online marketing is budgeting. You can control exactly how much you spend each day until you achieve a successful outcome before raising the budget and investing any further. With a billboard, anything thats already running has already taken in your full budget, so if the campaign is not effective, it also means you have already used the full budget for that campaign.

We offer and manage advertising campaigns for websites of all sizes for Google, Facebook and LinkedIn. We also offer packages for search engine optimisation , to enhance your ranking of your website for unpaid rankings. This is a very effective combination into bringing paid and unpaid search traffic to your website.

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