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About Us

SEO FIX provides Search Engine Optimisation services that focuses on increasing organic and paid search engine rank of individual and business websites Australia wide. Total transparency and quality of service is what we strive for.

Founded in 2014, we are a small team based in Sydney and a totally online based business that can come to you.

Whats different about us?

We do not just focus on your websites SEO, but also on your return on investment from a business standpoint. We sit down with you to understand your business goals and requirements, to get a better indicator of optimal keywords to target. We really do aim on bringing more of the right customers to your business website. We don’t think other SEO companies offer this kind of exclusivity and quality service.


How can SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) help me?

This means that’s a website will enjoy a natural higher rank in the search when someone goes to search a phrase or keyword. This is to appear in search results for free, and is different to paid advertising.


  • Your website SportsXYZ.com.au sells online sports equipment based in Sydney.
  • Someone searches “sports equipment in Sydney” in Google, Yahoo! or bing.
  • Suppose your currently on page 3 of search results for that phrase. Or say you might not even be appearing on the search at all!
  • We work to bring you to page 1 of search results, so you naturally get more traffic without paying for advertising.

Why SEO is a business marketing strategy

This is an online marketing strategy to promote products or services that your website is delivering. By optimising your website, you are ensuring you increase your search exposure to get more visitors and more potential sales. Its free traffic, so why wouldn’t you rank for it for more potential customers?

Our SEO services approach

At SEO FIX we provide quality search engine optimisation services that are safe, reliable, effective and personal on every level, with no exception. We want to see your website and business increase rank in search engines from all our hard work.

We do not believe in contracts, we believe in freedom.

You have the option of;

  • One off SEO fix
  • Monthly (Continuous SEO refinement)
  • Intermittent maintenance service (You request whatever month you need us)

We service clients Australia wide, not just Sydney. However, if you are in Sydney, free to call to arrange a face to face discussion or we can work on your website 100% remotely through correspondence. Whichever way, you can except detail and precision in all work carried out.


We offer affordable, genuine and premium cheap SEO services.

Google Adwords advertising service

Aside from SEO Services, we also provide an advertising service through Google Adwords (Ads by Google), were we set up your campaign, target keywords and strive to get the best value for your money in promoting your website. We recommend you take this after you perform SEO on your website for better campaign performance, as targeted keywords generally end up costing you less for optimised websites.

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