SEO Professionals

$1,100.00 / month


  • Rank for Over 50 Keywords 
  • Advanced market research
  • Format and content overhaul
  • Refining all content
  • Refining all tags
  • Advanced Keyword targeting
  • Networking
  • Analytics account & Webmasters account
  • Content addition & Copyrighting
  • Up to 15 Pages of optimisation
  • Google+ Local Listing
  • Weekly/Monthly progress reports
  • Speed optimisation



We will carefully work on every page of your website from top to bottom to ensure all format, content and attributes comply with Search Engines. There are a whole lot of inclusions in the professionals package have strong influence on ranking your website on Google and other search engines.

This package is more comprehensive than the SEO essentials package in that it compromises of unique additional content, advanced keyword targeting and networking. This makes it more suitable for competitive industries like dental, surgery and accountants. Though other businesses that are in a higher competition industry would benefit from this package. This plan is designed to deliver professional SEO that’s highly effective and targeted to give a strong and long standing ranking on Google and other search engines.

We work on your website front and back-end unlike many other SEO agencies that only focus on one or the other, which causes insecure and short term rankings and is bad practice. We optimise your website for every available ranking factor in a methodological order to ensure nothing has been missed and that your website is thoroughly optimised. Not only does this assist the overall ranking of a website, but reduces the time taken for the better outcome.

While optimising your website, we use various website performance tools to measure your websites optimisation, speed, response, reliability, authority, usability and search engine friendliness. Using these tools allows us to set new benchmarks to work alongside to assist in progressing your website ranking.

We recommended this package for small to medium businesses, professionals and sole traders that want a more advanced optimisation package. This package includes optimisation of up to 15 pages of a website. If your website is much larger, we recommend our SEO business package.

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