SEO Packages

Our affordable SEO Packages help your business website grow and rank higher naturally on Google with budget in mind. We focus on bringing you new clients to increase your sales revenue by using the most powerful form of business marketing available today. Make today the day you decide to grow your business.

Best Affordable SEO Packages & Prices


$560 / Month
Competitor/Marketing research

Format layout and content overhaul

All tags and Meta data

1-3 Keyword/phrase focusing

Webmasters/Analytics account

Basic Networking

Content Addition & Copyrighting

Up to 10 Pages of optimisation

Google+ Local Listing

Weekly/Monthly rank progress reports

Website Speed optimisation


$1100 / Month
Competitor/Marketing research

Format layout and content overhaul

All tags and Meta data

5 Keyword/phrase focusing

Webmasters/Analytics account

Advanced Networking

Content Addition & Copyrighting

Up to 15 Pages of optimisation

Google+ Local Listing

Weekly/Monthly rank progress reports

Website Speed optimisation


$1550 / Month
Competitor/Marketing research

Format layout and content overhaul

All tags and Meta data

8 Keyword/phrase focusing

Webmasters/Analytics account

Premium networking

Premium Content & Copyrighting

Up to 20 Pages of optimisation

Google+ Local Listing

Weekly/Monthly rank progress reports

Website Speed optimisation


$365 / Month
AdWords Account & campaign

Advanced Keyword research

PPC management & optimisation

Advanced keyword targeting

Unlimited changes

Up to 1000 Keywords

Dedicated manager

Pay per click reduction

Weekly progress report

Google AdWords Certified Services

5+ Years Experienced Campaign Analyst

*Our prices are inclusive of GST and do not have any minimum term or lock in contracts.

There are many more inclusions that are not shown in the plans below, so contact us for a detailed list of exactly what we do to your website. Our plans are great in value, genuine, generous and highly effective. Deal with an Australian SEO company that is transparent, supportive and there when you need them. Give yourself a peace of mind and let us take care of marketing your business. We also create powerful advertising campaigns on Google, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Our SEO packages are available to businesses in: Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and all other cities.

SEO Packages are all about quality, which is why we urge our customers to make sure they do their research to avoid getting your business in trouble with the dreaded SEO guarantee. This is where companies promise to rank you for $300 or your money back, but what ends up happening in most cases is that your locked in a 12 month SEO plan and rank for absolutely useless keywords.

If we don’t think any of our SEO Packages can make a significant impact on your ranking, we won’t take the job!

What Do Our Business SEO Packages Include?

Search Engine Optimisation including Google Search

  1. We optimise your website to rank you on the 1st page of Google, Yahoo! and Bing for a series of keywords. This allows people who are searching for your products and services to see you on Google from an unpaid organic search.
  2. We have 3 different packages all with different inclusions to give you variability and budgeting options.
  3. SEO packages include various inclusions which are not included in the tables above due to size and can be emailed to you on request.

Advertising including AdWords

  1. We create and manage advertising campaigns across the most popular platforms for the best value Pay Per Clicks.
  2. People will be able to see you for paid searches, such as the Google ads that appear on the top of search pages, as well as image and video advertisements on other websites such as YouTube.
  3. We also advertise on social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn.
  4. These advertising methods are either Paid Per Click or Paid Per 1000 Impressions.

There are no contracts and our SEO Essentials package can be taken as a one off website optimisation to get your website optimised on a fundamental level. If you are based in Sydney, we can make a quick visit to see if we can help you and your business website grow.

How much should an SEO Package cost?

Make sure you know what you’re getting in your SEO Plan.

For example:

Paying $50 a month for “SEO Packages for small business” is much like paying a mechanic $20 for an oil change to your beloved car.

Now, first things to come to mind before you make the purchase:

  • Do I trust this cheap oil in my $20,000 car?
  • Doesn’t the oil cost $50-$100 alone?
  • Is that even enough to pay for labor?
  • It doesn’t add up, but it’s too cheap to resist so I’ll just try it out

Things that come to mind after the purchase:

  • Hang on, did they even change the oil?
  • What on earth did they put in my car?
  • Did I just potentially destroy my engine or lower its life expectancy to save $150?
  • I need to find another mechanic for a reputable oil change to fix this.

Low cost SEO Package price ranges

SEO package prices ranging between $50-$300 a month of cheap SEO for business and receiving an SEO strategy that compromises of only 1 ranking factor isn’t necessarily very cost effective. We work with an extensive range of ranking factors to maximise your rank potential in search results. You wouldn’t let a stranger run your business, so why would you outsource it to a company that provides little value or is offshore. Read reviews on the internet to ensure that you’re picking a reputable company, know what you’re getting and monitor progress on a monthly basis.

The best SEO Packages for business

We think our packages are the best because they offer real value for money as well as incorporate advanced analytics and consider factors that the majority of SEO companies wouldn’t consider, even with a much higher budget. Suppose we consider targeting a customer who wants to buy an SEO package in Australia. Rather than targeting a generic keyword like “SEO package”, we could go for that keyword as well as a keyword with buyer’s intent that either start or trail with best, cheap, compare. These keywords are effective because the customer that is searching is actually ready to buy then and there. We also consider traffic, audience and the likelihood of a sale in respect for your business. This is a very basic example to give you an idea that there is more to targeting a keyword. We want to target keywords that work for your business.

SEO Packages in Australia from Australia

Our services are local, so expect precision, reliability and care with your website. If your searching for the best SEO Packages Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide or anywhere else, we’re ready to make a difference to your business.

Are you ready to make a difference to your business today?


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