What to expect with SEO Pricing and Plans

What to expect with SEO Pricing and Plans

The cost of SEO can vary between $400 to over $2,000 per month depending on the size of the business, website and the services being offered. Larger businesses can pay over $40,000 per month for website SEO. This is why it is extremely hard to find an average price on SEO in general. There is an enormous scope of work with SEO, so one must carefully compare what they are actually receiving. Cheap SEO services are attractive, but always make sure you know what is actually being included in the package.

A common mistake is to compare prices and think that each company will perform similarly. When I buy eggs from one store or another store, I’m still ending up with an egg right?

SEO is complicated and involves manipulating many variables for a best possible outcome. Some companies will be better at doing this at others. Now here is the thing; if one SEO company can optimise your website just 1% better than another SEO company, this can ultimately mean the difference of being on the bottom of page 1 to the top of page 1, or from page 5 to page 2.

The point is that the smallest of differences can make all the difference when competition is high. So you need to make sure the company you choose is transparent with all the work carried out and the strategies they adopt in increasing your rank. They need to work on every aspect of your website as a whole and with expert knowledge, rather than just one aspect like link building.

Companies offering ridiculously cheap SEO that is $300 and sometimes as low as $50, sometimes do not do anything but link building. Link building does not necessarily require the consultant to change the website at all. So they literally do not touch your website at all, which is a very bad, churn and burn strategy. Link building should be a small percentage of your SEO strategy if at all, not 100%!

You get what you pay for, especially with SEO

SEO takes a considerable amount of hours of optimisation per month, so you have to question how they can afford to provide you with such a service for $300 or even $99. If they’re charging $99 a month for SEO, do you really think they will be providing you with 10 hours of SEO work and pay themselves a gross income of less than $10 per hour? If you take out their company’s expenses, salaries and running costs, they’d probably end up making less than $2 per hour!

Google looks at over 200 ranking indicators on a website, when determining its rank. There are hundreds of characteristics that make good search engine optimisation, and if a service charges too little, it may mean they only optimising very few of these hundred characteristics and you might find yourself with a bad investment.

Remember that if one company can give you 1% better SEO over another company, then that 1% can be the difference of ranking your website from page 2 to page 1. We suggest you do not compromise on quality and if money is an issue, make sure you get best value rather than just the cheapest SEO.

When it comes to investing your business on Search Engines, how much it costs should always be weighed up against the quality of service received particularly with SEO.

SEO is usually offered at a monthly fixed fee rate or through a custom quote. We offer fixed fee for most websites under a page quota and only custom quote larger businesses.

We at SEO FIX offer both cheap SEO and our quality expertise to bringing the best value plans out there. We understand you need effective and affordable SEO.